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Health and accident insurance as provided in Illinois by insurance companies and fraternal orders
by William McGlashan Duffus

Program Audit of the Covering ALL KIDS Health Insurance Program

Origins of American Health Insurance
by John E. Murray

How did the United States come to have its distinctive workplace-based health insurance system? Why did Progressive initiatives to establish a government system fail? This book explores the history of health insurance in the United States from its roots in the nineteenth-century sickness funds offered by industrial employers, fraternal organizations, and labor unions to the rise of such group plans as Blue Cross and Blue Shield in the mid-twentieth century.

Historians generally view the failure to establish universal health insurance during the first half of the twentieth century as an indicator of the political clout of insurers, employers, unions, and physicians who thwarted Progressive efforts. But the explanation is actually simpler, John Murray contends in this book. Careful analysis of the workings of industrial sickness funds suggests that workers rejected plans for compulsory state insurance because they were largely content with existing private plans. Murray revises our understanding of the evolution of health care insurance in the United States and discusses the implications of that history for the ongoing debates of today.

Illinois Register

The Illinois Medical Journal

Illinois Medical Journal

Medical Insurance Made Easy – E-Book
by Jill Brown

This combination textbook and workbook, explains each phase of the medical claim cycle, from the time the patient calls for an appointment until the financial transaction for the encounter is completed. Coverage includes types of insurance payers, basic coding and billing rules, and standard requirements for outpatient billing using the CMS-1500 claim form. It also emphasizes legal aspects related to each level of the medical claim cycle and the importance of the medical office employee, showing their responsibility for and impact on successful reimbursement.

  • 3 separate chapters offer coverage of the basic concepts of medical coding.
  • A comprehensive overview of the CMS-1500 claim form with step-by-step guidelines and illustrations thoroughly covers reimbursement issues and explains the billing process.
  • Includes detailed information on various insurance payers and plans including Medicare, government medical plans, disability plans, private indemnity plans, and managed care.
  • Stop & Review sections illustrate how the concepts presented in each chapter relate to real-life billing situations.
  • Sidebars and Examples highlight key concepts and information related to the core text lesson.
  • A companion CD-ROM contains sample patient and insurance information that readers can use to practice completing the accompanying CMS-1500 claim form, as well as a demonstration of Altapoint practice management software.
  • Features completely updated information that reflects the many changes in the insurance industry.
  • Contains a new chapter on UB-92 insurance billing for hospitals and outpatient facilities.
  • Includes a new appendix, Quick Guide to HIPAA for the Physician’s Office, to provide a basic overview of the important HIPAA-related information necessary on the job.

Employment in Illinois: A Guide to Employment Laws Regulations and Practices
by Maynard G. Sautter

A concise, readable explanation of applicable federal and state law for practitioners who want quick answers to employment questions – their clients’ and their own. Coverage includes: hiring, hours of work and payment of wages, health and safety standards, civil rights, union organizing, collective bargaining and strikes, employer liability for employees’ acts, private health care and life insurance, disability or death of employee, employee retirement benefits, termination of employment, and advisors and information sources.

Journal of the American Medical Association

The Journal of the American Medical Association

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