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The New Health Insurance Solution
by Paul Zane Pilzer

You no longer need a traditional employer plan to get good, affordable health insurance. The New Health Insurance Solution can help you cut your health insurance costs in half if:

  • You’re self-employed, an independent contractor, or your employer doesn’t provide health insurance (you can probably get coverage on your own for about $94/month—a fraction of what an employer would have to pay for the same coverage)
  • You are employed and pay extra to cover your spouse or children under your employer-sponsored plan—you may save 50% by taking them off your employer plan
  • You own a small business and are getting killed by double-digit premium increases—you can now give employees tax-free money to buy their own plans and get your company out of the health insurance business

The book also explains in detail the best solutions for you if:

  • You can’t find affordable health insurance because you or a child have an expensive preexisting medical problem (your state has a program to provide you with guaranteed coverage )
  • You’re currently putting money into an IRA or a 401(k)—because you don’t realize that an HSA is always a better option
  • You’re unsure how you or your parents will be able to afford health insurance during retirement, or how to maximize benefits from Medicare—including the new Part D prescription drug plan

The New Health Insurance Solution is the definitive guide to the new ways every American can now get affordable health care—without an employer.

PAUL ZANE PILZER is a world-renowned economist, a former advisor in two White House administrations, an entrepreneur/employer, an award-winning adjunct professor at NYU, and a New York Times bestselling author.

Health Insurance And Health Savings Account Made Easy
by Jeannine Hill

Setting aside some money and being financially prepared in case of future medical disorders has its rewards. You don’t have to make extra efforts to understand health savings account and health insurance. The 30+-page eBook, “Health Insurance And Health Savings Account Made Easy,” explains everything you need to know simply and explicitly. This book is a must read for health-conscious people.

These Are Some Of The Tips You Will Find In The Book :

* Anyone Wants Health Insurance?
* Health Insurance Coverage
* Health Insurance Quote
* Basic Health Insurance Quote
* Free Health Insurance Quote
* Health Savings Accounts: How They Work
* Health Savings Accounts: The Advantages
* Health Savings Accounts: Flexible Spending Accounts
* Health Savings Accounts: Health Reimbursement Accounts
* Health Savings Accounts: Contributions and Deductibles
* Health Savings Accounts: The Pitfalls
* Health Savings Accounts: Investments and Withdrawals
* Health Savings Accounts And Small Businesses
* Health Savings Accounts: Are They Worth It?
* Affordable Health Insurance
* California Health Insurance
* Texas Health Insurance
* Group Health Insurance
* Individual Health Insurance
* The Benefits of Low Cost Health Insurance

The “People Power” Health Superbook: Book 26. Health Insurance Guide (Methods to Pay for Treatment, Fight Your Insurance Company, Medical Billing Fraud)
by Tony Kelbrat

This is not a book about where to get free or cheap medical care. Another book in this series covers that. This is about different options to buy health insurance, the different types of health insurance and options for hard-to-insure people. There are several issues involved with serious illness and money. Many insurance companies have caps afterwhich you have to pay for your own treatment. Beyond that, employers tend to get rid of employees with serious illnesses. It’s like a double whammy. You get sick then you get fired. It’s so serious that there are activists and politicians fighting for safety nets for people who get a serious illness. This is why I preach about saving your money and not spending it on frivolous things. Who is gonna care about all that money you spent on hair color and frivolous clothes when you’re sick and depleting your life’s savings?

Get a Good Deal on Your Health Insurance Without Getting Ripped-Off
by Jonathan Pletzke

Whether you currently have health insurance, are looking to purchase it, or believe it is simply something you cannot afford to buy, Get a Good Deal on Your Health Insurance Without Getting Ripped-Off offers every consumer a complete and concise guide to getting the most from individual, small business, Medicare, Medigap, and employer health insurance. This book and the accompanying website features: * Advice from health insurance agents and financial advisors. * A step-by-step process that guides you through buying health insurance * Plenty of sidebars and illustrations to keep a dry topic interesting * A method to compare your health insurance options, dollar-to-dollar, to get the best deal * Ways to avoid pitfalls, scams, and rip-offs using real world tips and examples * Tips to avoid losing health insurance when you leave a job, retire, retire early, or get laid off *Listings in the book and online that direct you to the right government, association, and business resources *A way to get your best deal whether you are young, old, healthy, or have a medical condition. Get a Good Deal on Your Health Insurance Without Getting Ripped-Off is concise, saving you time by not including any fluff or filler that you have to wade through, just useful information that is easy to understand and apply. Truly a hands-on cookbook for buying health insurance. Get a Good Deal on Your Health Insurance Without Getting Ripped-Off contains everything you need to know to make an educated decision about your health insurance and to be in control of this complex purchase.

The practical Guide to Total Financial Freedom: Volume 1

Deadly Spin
by Wendell Potter

That’s how Wendell Potter introduced himself to a Senate committee in June 2009. He proceed to explain how insurance companies make promises they have no intention of keeping, how they flout regulations designed to protect consumers, and how they make it nearly impossible to understand information that the public needs. Potter quit his high-paid job as head of public relations at a major insurance corporation because he could no longer abide the routine practices of the insurance industry, policies that amounted to a death sentence for thousands of Americans every year.

In Deadly Spin, Potter takes readers behind the scenes of the insurance industry to show how a huge chunk of our absurd healthcare expenditures actually bankrolls a propaganda campaign and lobbying effort focused on protecting one thing: profits. With the unique vantage of both a whistleblower and a high-powered former insider, Potter moves beyond the healthcare crisis to show how public relations works, and how it has come to play a massive, often insidious role in our political process-and our lives.

This important and timely book tells Potter’s remarkable personal story, but its larger goal is to explain how people like Potter, before his change of heart, can get the public to think and act in ways that benefit big corporations-and the Wall Street money managers who own them.

The End of Employer-Provided Health Insurance
by Paul Zane Pilzer, Rick Lindquist

How to save 20 to 60 percent on health insurance!

The End of Employer-Provided Health Insurance is a comprehensive guide to utilizing new individual health plans to save 20 to 60 percent on health insurance. This book is written to ensure that you, your family, and your company get your fair share of the trillions of dollars the U.S. government will spend subsidizing individual health insurance plans between now and 2025. You will learn how to navigate the Affordable Care Act to save money without sacrificing coverage, and how to choose the plan that offers exactly what you, your family and your company need.

Over the next 10 years, 100 million Americans will move from employer-provided to individually purchased health insurance. The purpose of The End of Employer-Provided Health Insurance is to show you how to profit from this paradigm shift while helping you, your family, and your employees get better and safer health insurance at lower cost. It will help you save thousands of dollars per person each year and protect you from the greatest threat to your financial future—our nation’s broken employer-provided health insurance system.

We are at the beginning of a paradigm shift in the way businesses offer employee health benefits and the way Americans get health insurance—a shift from an employer-driven defined benefit model to an individual-driven defined contribution model. This parallels a similar shift in employer-provided retirement benefits that took place two to three decades ago from defined benefit to defined contribution retirement plans.

Written by a world-renowned economist and New York Times best-selling author, this insightful guide explains how individual health insurance offers more to employees than employer-provided plans. Using the techniques outlined in this book, you and your employer will save money on health insurance by migrating from employer-provided health insurance coverage to employer-funded individual plans at a total cost that is 20 percent to 60 percent lower for the same coverage. That’s $4,000 to $12,000 in savings per year for a family of four for the same hospitals, same doctors, and same prescriptions.

Private Health Insurance
by United States. General Accounting Office

Don’t Buy That Health Insurance
by K. R. Woodfield

You can reduce insurance premiums and lower your medical expenses. Millions of Americans benefit from this advice and now you can too! See the doctors you want to see! Health insurance should protect you against financial ruin, not cause it! The trick to choosing the right plan for your family is to do some homework first. Like a”friend in the business” this book outlines the things the insurance company’s don’t want you to know, that will save you thousands of dollars. You can keep your money in your wallet and put money in the bank! Don’t let the monster eat your health care dollars.

“Who knew a book about insurance would be a page turner?”

Dr. B. Orange, MD

“You are the Suzie Orman of Health Insurance.”

Robert Foster, Bridgewater Marble and Granite

“An invaluable resource I go back to again and again.”

M. Hanhart, Business Coach

” I never met anyone who worked so hard to talk me out of spending money.”

N. Lordi, Nalpro Business Solutions

Navigating Health Insurance
by Pozen, Jim P. Stimpson

Navigating Health Insurance is a practical, balanced guide to understanding health insurance from the perspective of the consumer. The text is a comprehensive yet accessible examination of the strengths and weaknesses of health insurance in the United States.

The authors begin with the fundamentals of health insurance including its history and comparison to other forms of insurance. Readers are then introduced to basic health insurance principles and terminology as well as types of insurance such as Medicaid, Medicare, Medigap, Exchanges, and others.

The impacts of the Affordable Care Act on health insurance are explored as well as essential services and coverage decisions, payment mechanisms, claims and reimbursement, worker’s compensation, long term care, and more.

Readers are challenged to consider market and social justice philosophies such as the impact of health insurance on access to health care services, international comparisons, and advantages and disadvantages of the U.S. system.

This text is part of the Jones & Bartlett Learning Health Navigation series. Learn more at

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