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Health Insurance

Origins of American Health Insurance
by John E. Murray

How did the United States come to have its distinctive workplace-based health insurance system? Why did Progressive initiatives to establish a government system fail? This book explores the history of health insurance in the United States from its roots in the nineteenth-century sickness funds offered by industrial employers, fraternal organizations, and labor unions to the rise of such group plans as Blue Cross and Blue Shield in the mid-twentieth century.

Historians generally view the failure to establish universal health insurance during the first half of the twentieth century as an indicator of the political clout of insurers, employers, unions, and physicians who thwarted Progressive efforts. But the explanation is actually simpler, John Murray contends in this book. Careful analysis of the workings of industrial sickness funds suggests that workers rejected plans for compulsory state insurance because they were largely content with existing private plans. Murray revises our understanding of the evolution of health care insurance in the United States and discusses the implications of that history for the ongoing debates of today.

Financial and Health Care Planning for the Elderly in Ohio
by Ruth R. Longenecker, Richard T. Taps

This up-to-date & comprehensive manual covers a broad range of elderly financial & health care planning issues. This edition covers powers of attorney, living trusts, Medicaid, long-term care & Medigap insurance, durable powers of attorney for health care, & living wills. Financial & Health Care Planning for the Elderly in Ohio gives thorough explanations of applicable Ohio & federal law, as well as other selected states, such as Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan & Florida. Topics include: * Medicaid Eligibility rules Spouse’s resource allowances Latest gift & trust rules * Insurance Long term care insurance Tax treatment Accelerated benefits Medigap insurance * Health Care Ohio restrictions & OSBA/OSMA model form Comparison of advance directive statutes * Financial Planning Gifts using a power of attorney Uses & misuses of living trusts & joint trusts.

Essentials of Health Care Finance
by William O. Cleverley, James O. Cleverley

Essentials of Health Care Finance provides health management students and executives with the most authoritative text on financial decision-making in the health care industry. This trusted resource explores finance theory and its practical application in health care across a full range of facilities, from hospitals and home health agencies to skilled nursing facilities, surgical centers and private physician practices.


Private and Employer Sponsored Health Insurance Coverage in Ohio, 1998

Essentials of Health Care Finance
by William Cleverley, James Cleverley, Paula Song

Essentials of Health Care Finance stands firmly in its place as the leading textbook on healthcare finance. No other text so completely blends the best of current finance theory with the tools needed in day-to-day practice. Useful for all course levels as well as a professional reference, this text offers a comprehensive introduction to the field. The Seventh Edition has been thoroughly revised to reflect the current economic environment in the healthcare industry, with thoughtful descriptions and ‘real-world’ examples. As the not-for-profit health care sector has increasingly come under attack by legislators seeking new sources of tax revenue, this edition also features a new chapter on assessing community benefits including an examination of the new Schedule H of the IRS 990 form. Ancillary instructor materials for the Seventh Edition have been significantly expanded and updated. PowerPoint lecture slides now include selected examples from the chapters. Electronic versions of many of the charts and tables in the chapters are provided to enable the instructor to re-create and modify existing examples. An expanded set of test questions with detailed answers will be provided for each chapter. New excel spreadsheets for selected chapters will be created to help both the students and the instructors perform a variety of financial analysis tasks with spreadsheet templates. The instructor’s manual has been revised to include key learning points, chapter overviews, and guidelines for class discussion.

Employment in Ohio: A Guide to Employment Laws, Regulations, and Practices
by Maynard G. Sautter

This reference provides basic information concerning the laws, regulations, and policies affecting labor and employment in Ohio. It may be used in the development of a personnel policy and as a resource for answers to questions on employment law issues. It offers solid guidance on important new procedures and potential sources of liability and keeps you abreast of important regulations governing all aspects of the employer-employee relationship – from hiring to termination or retirement.

Common Fire Code Construction Issues In Health Care Facilities – OHIO
by Rodney L. McCulloh

Proceedings of the Casualty Actuarial and Statistical Society of America
by Casualty Actuarial and Statistical Society of America

List of members for the years 1914-20 are included in v. 1-7, after which they are continued in the year book of the Society, begun in 1922.

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