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Crisis in Health Care
by United States. Congress. House. Select Committee on Aging. Subcommittee on Health and Long-Term Care

Catastrophic Health Insurance
by United States. Congress. House. Select Committee on Aging. Subcommittee on Health and Long-Term Care

Life and Health Insurance License Exam Cram
by BISYS Educational Services

If you are studying for your life and health insurance licensing exam, we have the ultimate study tool for you. Life and Health Insurance License Exam Cram is a great resource to help you learn the concepts, laws, rate calculations and state and federal regulations that will be covered on the exam. You’ll also receive a CD that includes a fully-customizable test engine, detailed score report and state-specific law supplement. No matter where you are taking your exam or which area you need to focus on during your studying, Life and Health Insurance License Exam Cram is your smartest way to get certified.

Please note: The CD-ROM and test engine is NOT Mac iOS compatible.

Reinventing American Health Care
by Ezekiel Emanuel

The definitive story of American health care today—its causes, consequences, and confusions

In March 2010, the Affordable Care Act was signed into law. It was the most extensive reform of America’s health care system since at least the creation of Medicare in 1965, and maybe ever. The ACA was controversial and highly political, and the law faced legal challenges reaching all the way to the Supreme Court; it even precipitated a government shutdown. It was a signature piece of legislation for President Obama’s first term, and also a ball and chain for his second.

Ezekiel J. Emanuel, a professor of medical ethics and health policy at the University of Pennsylvania who also served as a special adviser to the White House on health care reform, has written a brilliant diagnostic explanation of why health care in America has become such a divisive social issue, how money and medicine have their own—quite distinct—American story, and why reform has bedeviled presidents of the left and right for more than one hundred years.
Emanuel also explains exactly how the ACA reforms are reshaping the health care system now. He forecasts the future, identifying six mega trends in health that will determine the market for health care to 2020 and beyond. His predictions are bold, provocative, and uniquely well-informed. Health care—one of America’s largest employment sectors, with an economy the size of the GDP of France—has never had a more comprehensive or authoritative interpreter.

Health Care

Fundamentals of U.S. Health Care
by Jahangir Moini, Morvarid Moini

All health care students must be familiar with the basic concepts of health care in the United States. This introductory textbook presents vital information on health care careers and legal, ethical, financial, and policy issues that will help their future practice. It includes chapters on:

  • careers in the health care profession;
  • the complexity of health care;
  • the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act;
  • professionalism in health;
  • health care for special populations;
  • the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards;
  • research and advancements in health care;
  • the future of health care.

Fundamentals of U.S. Health Care is unique in the way it highlights the important elements of each health career, including job requirements, length of study, and salaries. With the student in mind, this book is accompanied by a website that features detailed PowerPoints and test banks with more than 1,000 review questions.

Well-organized and easily understood, this overview provides a reliable, relevant resource and up-to-date reference. It is essential reading for all allied health students, including nurses, surgical technicians, dental hygienists, radiology technicians, medical assistants, pharmacy technicians, physician assistants, and more.

Oversight field hearing on the need for health care reform, a western Pennsylvania perspective
by United States. Congress. House. Committee on Education and Labor. Subcommittee on Labor-Management Relations

Dictionary of Health Insurance and Managed Care
by David E. Marcinko, MBA, CFP, CMP

Designated a Doody’s Core Title!

To keep up with the ever-changing field of health care, we must learn new and re-learn old terminology in order to correctly apply it to practice. By bringing together the most up-to-date abbreviations, acronyms, definitions, and terms in the health care industry, the Dictionary offers a wealth of essential information that will help you understand the ever-changing policies and practices in health insurance and managed care today.

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Health Care Management and the Law
by Hammaker, Thomas M. Knadig

Health Care Management and the Law is designed for those who will be leading and shaping twenty-first century health care organizations. This unique text raises questions about health law issues such as emergence of the U.S. as a player in the global health care industry, innovative new approaches to the payer/provider model, and the future of tailored therapeutics. Throughout the text, the author addresses the challenges of what many view as a health care crisis in the United States and examines how laws must be reformed to create a system that works properly.

The book bridges research and practice, reflecting new, real world knowledge of the health care industry and government agencies. The health law concepts in this text are practical; application of the concepts seeks to provide health care managers with sufficient knowledge of the law to become intelligent, critical thinkers in professional practice. Students will gain knowledge of when and why they should consult attorneys.

Challenging, current administrative and judicial decisions are presented. Students can customize their learning experiences by selecting from thirty-seven topic chapters or studying a specific topic in-depth, using the text bibliography and multiple resources provided. The author focuses on interpretation, insight, and ideas; i.e. the meaning of the law, not only on what occurred pursuant to it.

Key Features:
-Explores not only physicians and hospitals, government regulations, and medical insurance issues, but also looks at the producers of medical products: pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and biopharmaceuticals, medical devices, and health information technology
-Includes comprehensive, unbiased case studies presented in a comprehensive that accurately reflect the function and intention of the courts’ rulings
-Written with state-of-the-art research methods, using searchable online databases that are revolutionizing research on health care management and the law
-Reviews jurisprudence and seeks common themes as well as conflicts
-Clearly explains the innovations transforming global health industry practices and public policy

Health Care Reform
by Larry E. Carter

First published in 1998. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

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