Be drastic about your diet

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 Be Drastic

Remember that nothing is more important then your health. So if starting a diet means going into the refrigerator and throwing away all of those fatty foods, do it! If it means canceling your vacation and using that money to join a gym, do it! Money doesn’t mean a thing next to health and often it is an excuse to live unhealthy and unhealthy ways to lose weight fast.

 Ice Cold Water

Drinking 2 glasses of ice cold water a day raises your metabolism by 33%. Why? Because you’re body has to work harder to warm up the water in order to digest it.


Use an egg separator to separate the unhealthy yoke from your eggs. Or better yet, try one of the many egg substitute products available; most have no fat or cholesterol.

 Eating and the car

Stop eating in the car, a lot of extra calories are eaten there and are forgotten when it is time to track them.

 Eat early

When you do eat, do it as early in the day as possible. First, eating right when you get up gets your digestive system going. Second, your metabolism slows down as the day goes on. You don’t want food sitting in your stomach overnight.

 No miracles in dieting

We’re all looking for the easy way out, but 48-hour “miracle diets” are a waste of time and money. These products work by dehydrating your body and as soon as you return to normal food, you’ll have all of the weight back, usually before 48 hours.

Diet Tip Fast – Food Restaurant Survival Plan

Plan a few standard meals that you can get at virtually any restaurant, fast food or otherwise.

Example: Skinless Chicken Breast, tossed green salad, low fat Italian dressing and unsweetened iced tea or ice water with lemon. If you must go somewhere frequently, ask for a printed nutrition information sheet and plan alternate meals out before you go. Watch for pitfalls like the I’m just having a (healthy, low fat) salad. lie we tell ourselves when we go to a salad bar with all kinds of calorie-dense foods waiting in ambush.

Choose your top 5-10 best bet foods before putting anything on your plate at a buffet. Stick to those. In the same way that not all salads are your friend, including chicken breast or baked fish does not have magical powers to make a dish a good choice. Think about what ELSE is in the dish, Chicken Parmasean is a good example odd chicken gone over to the dark side or Chicken with Linguine ALFREDO – I can hear my arteries screaming just writing that one! Last but not least: Cut your calories in HALF, get TWO meals for the price of one! (Have them box half of your order for later.)

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